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How to use Colour of The Year 2023 – Mursala for interior spaces

The Colour of The Year 2023 – Mursala is a subtle pastel green colour, the shades of which are widely found in nature, evoking a feeling of calmness and delicacy. The presence of this colour and its radiance, in combination with suitable, complementary colours and materials, are one of the easiest way to invest the comfort and cosiness in an elegant and inviting atmosphere. This is the reason why it is widely used by the interior designers in decorating and bringing style and harmony to every room, whether at home or in the office.

Living room 

The living room is a perfect place to enjoy the soft and calming shade of “Mursala”. This colour has a refreshing and invigorating effect. At the same time it is a source of sophistication, peacefulness and harmony.

In combination with bolder bright vibrant shades, this colour will help you to achieve a more extravagant and artistic atmosphere and to express your personality.

Kitchen and Dining room 

In kitchens and dining rooms, “Mursala” is a colour that will deliver elegance and an uplifting effect on your mood. Furthermore, green shades have been proven to have a relaxing effect on the psyche and to favour digestion in the human body. Therefore, they are highly recommended in the decoration of this kind of rooms.

To achieve a modern, clean kitchen design, you can use “Mursala” in combination with more neutral shades of darker wood cabinet colours and marbles.


“Mursala” enhances the overall calming effect of relaxation of the body and senses, when used in bedrooms. This lovely shade of green has a profound effect to bring calmness, to relieve stress and to invigorate the spirit.

In combination with light neutral colours, soft purple or pink shades, natural materials of different textures, “Mursala” creates a gentle, enchanting and romantic mood.

Kids’ bedroom 

By decorating the kids’ bedroom interior with the colour of “Mursala”, you will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, thus encouraging their creativity and imagination, elevating positivity and the feeling of safety.

The use of more accessories and decoration in bright fresh colours such as yellow, orange, green, creates a positive mood, cheerfulness and playfulness. While the combination with more subtle and gentle colours creates more calmness and improves concentration.

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