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Wood Oils, Varnishes & Paints

Wood oils

We offer a wide range of products designed for the protection, maintenance and decoration of wood. The objective is to ensure work processes flow with maximum efficiency and to achieve impeccable results.

You can protect in depth and emphasize the natural beauty of various surfaces made of hardwood and softwood by taking advantage of our high quality wood oils.

Wood varnishes

You can find with us a wide range of water-based and alkyd-based varnishes, which will provide a beautiful and long lasting protective finish of wooden surfaces against adverse weather conditions.

You have options to choose different wood colour options, as well as the glossy finish of the coating among our products.

Wood paints

Our water-based and alkyd-based wood paints will revitalize the colour and the mood of any wood detail or surface, while protecting them against the harmful weather conditions.

By choosing a white effect finish you can achieve an authentic antique appearance of the wood in the interior or exterior.

Wood stains

You can permanently and sustainably paint any type of wooden surfaces in natural wood colours by choosing our high-quality stains according to your individual preferences.

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