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Top 8 paint colours for bedrooms according to interior designers

It has been proven that colours can really affect the mood. Therefore, if you really want to transform your bedroom into a relaxing space, you can do that just by picking up the right colour of the walls.

We are introducing you the Top 8 colour trends to create peace and harmony in your bedroom according to leading interior designers.


The light shade of beige is an eternal colour that will always look stunning and will pair well with almost everything, according to the designers.  It can be said that Beige is a safe neutral colour for the bedroom. Beige allows you to easily change the decor and accents when you want to freshen up your room without repainting.

Dark Blue Colour

Brighter and lighter colours are always a safe choice, while using more saturated and darker colours is a way to express your individuality, according to the designers. However, if it seems to you that they will darken your bedroom, you can always use dark blue in combination with light blue shades in order to create an accent wall or to use a modern technique by painting walls with two colours, which will create contrast.

Light Yellow Colour

The dark and gloomy colours are the new trend in bedrooms, but if you prefer bright fresh colours yellow is your colour, according to the experts in interior design. Pastel yellow shades will keep the atmosphere in your room light and sunny also in the morning. Pastel and lighter versions of yellow are extremely versatile.

Dark Grey Colour

You can add an air of relaxation and cosiness to the space when using dark colour palettes in the bedroom, as recommended by designers. It is important to select the right shade for every room when choosing paint colours. For a calming effect, it is best advised to go for a dark shade to paint your walls, which will help you to de-stress and sleep better.

Cream Colour

The colour on the walls can help you feel relaxed and significantly influence the peaceful environment. This shade of white contains a subtle yellow undertone, which makes it the perfect background for a bright and soothing bedroom, according to the designers.

Dark Green Colour

Dark green can evoke a feeling of spring, a breath of fresh air, bringing us closer to nature, according to leading design experts. This colour is extremely suitable for use while designing rooms for children that have the advantage of a lot of sunlight.

Pale Blue-Grey Colour

This is one of the interior designers’ most favourite colours. This is a fine, pastel, neutral colour that combines with almost anything. The light blue shade it contains creates a feeling of calm. If you are not ready to commit to a completely blue colour, but you wish something a little more playful than grey, then this will be the perfect colour in your environment.

Pink Colour

Pink is usually associated with femininity and delicacy. But the tasteful pink shade is an ideal choice for kids’ rooms or guest bedroom. The soft pastel pink colour of the room will inspire a sense of peace and elegance, being timeless in terms of trends, according to experts.

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