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Wall & Ceiling Paints

Tint bases

We are a manufacturer of a variety of different classes of paints characterized by excellent coating strength, fast drying and good wear resistance.

Thanks to the Tinting systems of Orgachim you can choose from over 2,000 unique colours of our colour palettes inspired by trends in fashion, art and design around the world.

Ready-mix colour paints

Our ready-mix colour paints in colours selected especially for you will save you time and make it easier to choose a palette and the exact colour shade.

Paint colours are pre-selected according to specific rules and for interior use only. Therefore, once you open the catalogue of Ready-made colour paints, you can just make a choice and move forward.

White paints

Relying on the classic and quality white paints, you will enjoy excellent whiteness and lasting protection of your walls and ceilings.

Furthermore, you will have a choice of products in different price ranges according to your individual budget.

Special effect coatings

You can create a unique and stylish atmosphere in your interior with our decorative coatings of high quality.

You can add personality, brightness and chic to your space by choosing from a variety of gold, silver or other colourful eye-catching coatings.

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