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Velvet Rose – Colour of 2018

Symbolism of Velvet Rose

Comfortable, delicate, soft

Velvet Rose contains different colours in it: pink-violet, brown and grey. The colour is soothing, comfortable, natural, delicate and soft. Simultaneously, it enhances the feeling of self-confidence. Its perception is associated with being luxurious, refined and elegant.

Velvet Rose is a creative colour that challenges and allows putting dozens of shades and materials together in the interior. It is an expression of local trends, but it is also loaded with a rich global application. At first glance, Velvet Rose is paradoxically a colour that grabs attention by being ‘unpretentious’, captivating with its pleasant softness and depth; a gentle, seductive hue that immerses us in the all-encompassing warmth of the earth while simultaneously, sending us to the endless night sky with the various touches of hues it contains.

When it comes up to roses, their symbolism is ancient and associated with the beauty, strength and wisdom of the Divine Mother. The rose is reminiscent of chastity, perfection and reverence. The velvety finish tends to have delicacy and depth. ‘Velvet’ is the social and cultural expression of power, wealth and taste. Over the centuries, velvet has been loved by rulers and aristocrats and used by world designers as a catalyst for sensuality. The gentle velvet touch caresses the skin as the delicate velvet radiance caresses the eye.