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Thracian Gold – Colour of 2017

Symbolism of Thracian Gold

A life-giving energy of the sun

Thracian Gold is inspired by our roots and land. The colour summarizes the major interior design trends to focus on naturalness and authenticity of materials. This is the colour of the Sun, of the spiritual beauty and perfection –symbolizing the pursuit of a better and higher world against the background of conflict-torn reality. It is associated with both the Eastern and the Western cultures – from the Oriental gold to the splendour of Renaissance Europe. It belongs to the yellow spectrum, associated with emotion and mood, and perceived equally well by both males and females.

Thracian Gold in the Interior

Brings elegance, comfort and softness

Thracian Gold is a perfect accent in Scandinavian interior design and it is used to bring cosiness at home (bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms) and business office environment – meeting rooms, lounges, accents in atriums and foyers. The symbolism of the “Colour of the Year 2017” has a significant place in the urban environment – monument ornaments, facade architecture and parks are glowed in Thracian gold.