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Neptune – Colour of 2016

Symbolism of Neptune

Inspired by the sea, bringing attractive charm, brightness and freshness

Inspired by the water waves and the sea, this colour is considered to be a protective talisman, a colour associated with compassion and healing, a symbolic meaning of faith and truth in many different cultures.

Turquoise is a colour seen as more positive by most people. It is equally favoured by both males and females, easily transposed in fashion and in the interior. This colour combines well with all other colours in the spectrum, as it has both warm and cold shades. It is a favourite colour of many people because it is soothing and energizing at the same time. Experts recommend it as a colour that is predisposing to a spirit of constructive dialogue, promoting better focus, concentration and creating mood.

“A colour is a tool and this shading is a tool to convey the illusion of depth and space,” commented Professor Andrey Daniel, a lecturer at the Academy of Arts, about the “Colour of the Year”.

Neptune in the Interior

Great choice for every space

“Turquoise adds a splash of excitement to neutrals and browns, perfectly complements reds and pinks, creates classic maritime ideas with deep blues, and livens up all  yellows and greens,” according to the Colour  Specialist, Dipl. Eng. Miroslava Petrova, PhD.

Colourists’ opinion is that this colour can be present in different forms in the home decor. Interior designers share that it is suitable for a bedroom and a living room. In fact, it is most often a preferred bathroom colour because of the marine associations it evokes. It is just as fresh and original in the kitchen, although being used less often. It is worth considering it to be especially  suitable for office designs.