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Mursala – Colour of 2023

Elegant, subtle and soothing, the color of 2023 embodies the restorative power of mother earth and the magical influence of one of nature’s most precious treasures – herbs.

With its gentle natural vibration, Mursala will be that connecting element that will balance our spirit and space, create a feeling of lightness and organicity, improve the way we perceive the overall experience in our home.

Mursala in the living room

The living room is a perfect place to enjoy the soft and restorative radiance of the “Mursala” Colour.

Mursala in the kitchen

The “Mursala” Colour infuses the dining room and the kitchen with elegance and fresh mood.

Mursala in the bedroom

The “Mursala” Colour enhances the overall calming effect of relaxation of the body and senses when used in bedrooms.

Mursala in the kids’ room

Mursala creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the kids’ room, stimulating creativity and imagination.

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