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Mursala – Colour of 2023

“Mursala” is a colour that evokes feelings of subtlety, peace and tranquillity. Just as much as we need in order to reinvigorate and to ennoble our home or office.

“Mursala” is vital, stylish, light chameleon of beautiful green and grey colour, with little tints of blue and more of white.

Mursala! This is 2023 Colour of the Year in the interior designs.

“Solitude” Colour Palette

A well balanced palette, a combination of neutral and rich pastel earth shades, emphasizing the beauty and calming power of the Colour of The Year 2023 – “Mursala”.

This Colour Palette is named “Solitude”, being inspired by the moments of detachment, of relaxation from the dynamic everyday life, of rediscovering and prioritizing the important things in life for achieving inner harmony and peace.

Brussels 5-18-7
Peach’n Cream 3-6-3
Chariot 5-16-3
Mursala 5-26-3
Rice paper 5-6-1
Medieval 5-1-5
Old Linen 5-12-2
Sunstraw 3-8-3
Paraffin 5-12-1
Bushrange 4-6-6

“Energy” Colour Palette

A captivating colour palette of neutral, pastel and bright natural shades, bringing a feeling of freshness, vitality and a surge of energy when paired with the Colour of The Year 2023 – “Mursala”.

This colour palette is dedicated to energy as a driving force and to the striving for change, filled with a feeling of optimism and enthusiasm, inspiring a desire for a new beginning, adventure, exploration of unknown territories. 

Blue Wish 5-31-5
Mursala 5-26-3
Smoke Ring 5-20-1
Olive Branch 3-17-6
Elephant Walk 5-15-5
Field Oak 4-4-6
Grey Dew 5-37-1
Gold Digger 2-9-6
Front Shadow 5-12-4
Grey Jade 5-27-5

“Dream” Colour Palette

A bold colour palette of neutral, pastel and bright vibrant shades, which reinvent the idea of extravagant, artistic and magical atmosphere when paired with the Colour of The Year 2023 – “Mursala”.

This is an irresistible colour palette, dedicated to imagination and irrational thinking, spontaneity, freedom of expression, romance and mysticism.

Briar Rose 4-47-6
April Blush 4-4-3
Venus Light 3-41-4
Honey Bar 2-15-6
Snowdrift 5-15-1
Title River 1-28-4
Mursala 5-26-3
Wind Star 5-15-3
Cosmos 5-27-6
Spiced Nectarine 3-6-5

Try the Colour Trend of the Year 2023 –

Mursala in your home as well

Mursala in the living room

The living room is a perfect place to enjoy the soft and restorative radiance of the “Mursala” Colour.

Mursala in the kitchen

The “Mursala” Colour infuses the dining room and the kitchen with elegance and fresh mood.

Mursala in the bedroom

The “Mursala” Colour enhances the overall calming effect of relaxation of the body and senses when used in bedrooms.

Mursala in the kids’ room

Mursala creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the kids’ room, stimulating creativity and imagination.