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Bon Bon – Colour of 2024


Colour of the Year 2024

BON BON is a deep and complex shade combining pink and gray with hints of brown.

Soft, gentle and delicate color, reflecting the enjoyment of peace, comfort and harmony in home.

Bon Bon brings subtle elegance to the living room while creating an inviting atmosphere for entertaining and relaxing.

Bon Bon radiates a gentle warmth in the kitchen and creates an ideal backdrop for bringing in bolder and brighter colors to liven up the space.

Bon Bon creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, which is ideal for rest and privacy.

Used in the children’s room, the color Bon Bon will transport your child to a fairy-tale world, bringing a joyful mood and optimism, but also instilling privacy and tranquility.

Color Trends 2024 Palette