Why it is Important to Protect Wood Surfaces

Demands for water protection and decoration products for wood grow by 25% on an annual basis

Increased consumption of natural materials conquers Europe again.

Consumption of AQUA wood products in the first six months was 25% higher compared to the same period in 2017, according to the data from a leading producer of paints and varnishes in Bulgaria. This increased consumption is due to the increased consumer interest in natural materials and healthy lifestyles. According to Design Insider – the British Association of Furnishings, 2018 is the year marked by the striving to maximize the use of natural materials. They make the inhabitants not only feel in a natural environment, close to nature, but are also an ecological response to the artificial fabrics that have conquered our consumer age. As with food and clothing, as well as with furniture, the use of stone, wood and other natural materials will be more and more demanded.

Timber is a natural product that, in addition to being beautiful and varied, is also easy to process. Despite its good insulating properties and characteristics, it is susceptible to external influences – UV rays, moisture and biological pests.

The coniferous wood (softwood) is the most common wood as it is also the easiest to process, making it widely used for furniture, joinery, decorative details. However, in the furniture industry, decorative timber (hardwood) is used to make furniture. Teak wood is one of the most durable to outdoor conditions, but also the most expensive.

In order to preserve the quality and aspect of wood products, it is important to protect them with the right products. Protection can be divided into two stages: impregnation and surface protection.

Impregnation is a treatment aimed at preventive protection of wood against pests.

Timmer Impregnating Product penetrates deep into wood and prevents from developing wood-destroying insects, as well as from fungus, mould and mildew, which lead to the formation of blue stains on wood and then to rot and destruction. This is a water-based product meeting the European standards for wood protection products EN 599 (EN152, EN113 I EN46).

Oils are a natural product for wood surface protection. Timmer Wood Oil absorbs deep into wood, by giving a soft, amber colour. The wood flap remains visible and the surface is water resistant.

Surface protection provides a barrier between the external environment and wood. In this type of protection, a protective layer is formed which also protects from UV rays, that, in fact, damage the wood. Water based varnishes – Timmer Water-Based Varnish and Timmer Polyurethane Varnish ensure good protection of wood products by preserving the structure and protecting the wood from external impacts. These varnishes offer an innovative, combined UV protection that increases external resistance of timber. An advantage of water products is their faster drying and lack of sharp odour.

Timmer Wood Stain can be used to decorate wood. This is a water-based product for staining any type of wood.

In response to the rising retro trend, you can also find spectacular wood products. Timmer Antique gives an artificially aged aspect of wood, allowing users to customize their wood details.

Once broken, wood structure can no longer be restored. The use of high-quality protection products ensures a longer life of wood products and a greater comfort at home.

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