The Choice “Color of the Year 2019”


“Choosing the “Color of the Year 2019” was not probably easy at all, because many different people have gathered and each of them had different preferences, moods, age, and emotions – all those things that one expresses through colors – of clothing, belongings, at home. Although people are all so different, there are lasting trends in color preferences that reflect moods, expectations, philosophy, and stages of society’s development.

Depressed by the exhausting dynamics of everyday life, by the crises, the over-information, the globalization, people began to experience nostalgia for the past, over the years when life was running at slower speeds, the product design was focused on ordinary people, the things were not ephemeris, the music world was about to crown the King…

Quite naturally, this nostalgia imposed the vintage fashion. The characteristic shapes and pastel color ranges of those years returned, of course, in a new context and reading. Fiat reacted by redesigning  the timeless classics – the Chinquechento model, Smeg made a whole collection of household appliances, world famous furniture companies changed the color ranges of their furniture. This trend influenced the lighting fixtures, the interior textiles, the decorative elements and, very naturally, the interior paints as well.

By conducting for the fourth consecutive year the event “Color of the Year 2019”, the organizers from Orgachim strive not only to be up-to-date but even to set the trends. There is no way not to succeed, since people, with artistic and creative professions have been involved in the initiative of the choice of the color. People who not just follow the trends but create and apply them in their work, relying on their experience, creative stage and philosophy. The result is the ORGANIC Colour.

07.02. baner_cvqt na godinata_2019_1100x520px

According to the participants, the interior of the Year 2019 will be fashionable, eclectic, bohemian. Well, from time to time, there might be some high-tech, but it is more like a variety. Speaking from my personal experience, most of our customers would formulate their desires so much by describing the style they would like to bring their homes.

Aerial top view of summer green trees in forest in rural Finland. Drone photography

They are absolutely unanimous about what is relevant and trendy in 2019 – the topics that will excite people will be the natural and healthy life style, the nature as an anti-stress therapy. More and more people realize the need to preserve nature, because it is a salvation, it is a connection with the Earth and the roots. It has been the life-giving environment that created and preserved life. It is the reason why we are here today and caring for it will be our contribution to the fulfilling life of future generations.

This is clearly the key factor in choosing the ORGANIC colour. It embodies our attitude towards nature and all that it gives us, symbolizing a harmony, power, energy and recharging.

This is the new interpretation of the familiar retro gamma. This is the shade in the reliance on trends. Being aware of the important things in our lives,  rearranging priorities is something that will give us peace, wisdom and harmony. The emotions, that the Color of 2019 evokes, will help us to look better at ourselves, to feel free and to find the balance more easily.

So, how and where could it be used? It is high time something that something shifts the pale yellow tint which was the color of painting flats for rent all over the world and with which 90% of people painted their apartments, believing that it would make a room brighter and sunny. Use your fantasy and your emotions. Be different and express yourself colorfully.”

Irina Ivanova – Interior Designer from Design studio “INTRO”

07.02.Colour of the year 2019 Room
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