Symbolism of Organic – Color of the Year 2019

The Coloremes (colours) refer to one of the most important character systems acting on a symbolic level. Their meaning can vary in different cultures, but they inevitably bring a message and subconsciously influence our perceptions, our emotions, and our feelings.

The ORGANIC colour is a shade of green, which fundamental symbolic means growth, development, nature, calmness, hope, peace. From a psychological point of view, it marks the function of sensation (the function of reality). The color green is a symbol of good luck in many cultures. The color green is a feminine, centrist and reflective. The pure green color is considered the most peaceful and neutral color possible.

When white and beige are added to green, a pastel color is created, giving a sense of purity and transience, thus increasing its neutrality.

From a symbolic point of view, this is shade is soft, soothing, cool, lacking passion and erotic charge, being even a slightly indifferent.

It is an introvert color favored by people dealing with individual and serious activities requiring privacy.

Choosing it as the Color of the Year 2019 speaks of the need for serenity, rationality, turning to self-reflection and creating a sense of hope, growth and development. It brings a message of peace and a natural way of life.

Lecturer Dr. Albena Pavlova, New Bulgarian University

Learn more about Organic – Color of the year 2019 here

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