Symbolism of ‘Blue Harmony’

Shades of the blue colour and symbolism of ‘Blue Harmony’ – the Colour of the Year  

 Blue is an astonishing colour. It is one of the three main pigments (red, yellow, blue) that, when mixed, can form almost all other colours. Isaac Newton included it in the seven colours that he used for the first time in order to describe the visible spectrum. He chose this, as the number of notes on the music scale was also seven, which, in his opinion, were related to the optical spectrum. When we look at a clear cloudless day-time sky or a deep-water sea, we see them in Blue because of the optical effect known as Rayleigh scattering of sunlight. Aerial perspective refers to another effect the atmosphere has on the appearance of an object in Blue as it is viewed from a distance. Having such physiological features, the eye allows us to see extremely well the colour Blue and all its shades, and perhaps that’s why Blue is the favourite colour of 



almost half of men and women, according to studies carried out in the United States and Europe.

Blue is also a much-diversified colour. Most of its shades contain a mixture of other colours – azure has a little green, while ultramarine contains a little purple. The shades of the colour Blue start with indigo and ultramarine, closer to purple; go through pure blue without any mixture of other colours; midway between blue and green is cyan; ending with the other blue-greenish shades – turquoise and aquamarine. The extremely beautiful colour that will rule in interior design, architecture, fashion, and decoration in the 2020s is right in the middle –’Blue Harmony’.

It is deep, yet gentle and warm, creating a sense of freedom and infinity. We obviously need the energy of nature and the power of water for a balanced, spiritual, and inspiring life. This shade symbolizes perseverance, devotion, trust, intelligence, knowledge and wisdom, while connecting with distance, infinity, imagination, creativity. In myths, Blue is a divine manifestation and a colour of mystery. The interior of the pyramids is Blue; the royal colour is in close shade; in flags, freedom and union are depicted in a similar blue. This is not an accidental choice – ‘Blue Harmony’ radiates hope, pacifies with understanding and softness, prevents chaos, and soothes the psyche, but it also provokes the imagination to seek diversity in combination with other colours. This is the Spirit of the Year 2020 projected in interiors and spaces around us.

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