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Timmer Waterbourne Wood Lacquer

High quality water-soluble lacquer for wood intended for protection and decoration of all kinds of wooden surfaces, and hardwood and softwood products, in the interior and exterior – garden furniture, fences, doors, railings, pavilions, paneling, etc.

Packaging: 750 ml

Additional information

Practical properties

  • Optimal prtection of wood surfaces againts the harmful impact of UV-rays and visible light through innovative (combined) UV regulator;
  • High weather resistance;
  • High elasticity that prevents peeling and flaking;
  • Possesses anti-blocking effect;
  • The lacquered surfaces have good resistance against sticking (by hot pressing).


It is produced in transparent colour and is offered in three verions – gloss, satin and matt.



  • Coverage: 10-15m²/L
  • Dry-to-touch: 1 hour
  • Complete drying:24 hours
  • Application tools:Brush, Roller, Spraying gun


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