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Hamelekon Pigment Tinting Paste

Hamelekon Pigment Tinting Paste is used for nuancing of water based paints and polymer plasters indoors and outdoors, as wide a wide variety of pastel tones is obtained.

Packaging: 250 g

Additional information

Practical properties

  • Practical and easy to use – suitable liquid form, easy to dose ;
  • Long lasting durability of colour;
  • Water borne paints tinted with Hamelekon pigment pastes are resistant to atmospheric influences and washing;
  • Excellent compatability with water based white paints;
  • No odour;
  • Good reistance against stratification and sedimentation.




  • Coverage:Depending on the chosen colour and shade, tinting paste is added up to 10% from the weight of the water based paint
  • Dry-to-touch:-
  • Complete drying:-
  • Application tools:-


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