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Hamelekon Aqua Tinting Base Gloss PAS/TRA

High-quality water based tinting base, designated for exterior and interior painting of wooden surfaces, as well as for primed metal surfaces. It is used both for new painting and for restoration of old, processed surfaces. It is tinted under RAL catalogue.

Packaging: 700 ml

Additional information

Practical properties

  • Very high weather resistance -lasting preseveration of colour, gloss and elasticity at great differences in temperature;
  • Forms a glossy coating, resistant to moisture and atmospheric influences;
  • Suitable for recoating of sound old alkyd coatings;
  • Very good resistance against sticking of the painted surfaces under pressure and when heated – especially suitable for joinery for use in hot weather;
  • Good flowing ability and leveling of the wet coating;


It is tinted mechanically in 170 colours under RAL catalogue.



  • Coverage:12-13 m²/L
  • Dry-to-touch:30 min.
  • Complete drying:24 hours
  • Application tools:brush, roller, spraying gun


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