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DEKO professional Silicone primer for plasters

Improves the cohesion of Deko professional Polyurethane Nano Plaster with fibers, Silicone, Polymer, Decorative Relief and Mosaic plaster with the substrate; Decreases and equalizes water absorption ability of the base; Creating of colour base when working with coloured plasters.

Packaging: 5 kg, 25 kg

Additional information

Practical properties

  • High atmospheric resistance;
  • Excellent hiding power;
  • Good application behaviour;
  • Good storage behaviour;
  • Very good cohesion with the base.


DEKO professional Silicone Primer for plasters is produced in two versions – white and transparnt. Could be tinted mechanically.



  • Coverage from a package: 5 kg – around 16 m² 25 kg – around 83 m²

  • Exterior/Interior:exterior/interior
  • Application tools:brush, roller


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