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Deko professional DekoFlex Adhesive and Plastering Mixture with Fibres for EPS and XPS

Deko professional DekoFlex Adhesive and Plastering mixture with fibres for EPS and XPS is used for sticking of EPS and XPS (extruded and expanded polystyrene, expanded polyurethane, cork, etc.) on walls or ceilings directly over plaster, masonry or concrete. For plastering of thermal insulation panels by inserting of reinforced fiberglass mesh on walls indoors and outdoors (external insulation).

Packaging: 25 kg

Additional information

Practical properties

  • Paste-like mixture, easy to work with;
  • High thixotropy: DekoFlex may be applied on vertical surfaces without sliding of the insulation boards even if they have large sizes;
  • Perfect adhesion to the most frequently used construction materials;
  • Hardening (fixation) of the adhesive without shrinking. Contains water-repellent additives.


Grey colour



  • Coverage from package: 4 – 8 m²
  • Exterior/Interior: exterior/interior
  • Application tools: notched mortarboard, smooth mortarboard


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