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DEKO professional Construction water-based Primer

Deko professional Construction Water-based Primer is a product, produced on a base of water emulsion of acrylate copolymer and special additives, giving specific consumer and technological characteristics. It is designated for impregnation before interior and exterior painting. The primer penetrates in the pores of the substrate, strengthens it and equalizes its absorbing ability

Packaging: 1 L, 20 kg, 5 L

Additional information

Practical properties

  • Penetrates in the pores of the substrate and strengthens it;
  • Stops dust detachment from the surface;
  • Impregnates the subtstrate and equalizes its absorption ability;
  • Decreases consumption of paint;
  • Preserves the resistance of wet friction and washing.


It is produced in pink colour.



  • Coverage from a package: 1 L – around 50 m² 5 L – around 260 m² 20 kg – around 1000 m²

  • Exterior/Interior:exterior/interior
  • Application tools:brush, roller, spraying


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