Perfect Colour Combinations with ‘Blue Harmony’

Opinion and recommendation by Mrs. Miglena Stumbova, a founder and owner of “Studio ShkafA – Interior Concepts”

‘Blue Harmony’ is an exciting name and an excellent choice of Colour of the Year for 2020 from the Orgachim’ colour palette. After Neptune, Thracian Gold, Velvet Rose and Organic – which are the perfect choice of balanced turquoise, saffron ochre, velvet marsala and pastel fresh green – we enter the deep blue that naturally surrounds us from everywhere. We live on a “Blue” planet, right. 🙂

One of the three primary colours that, by the use of pigments, will achieve all other colours of the palette that we, interior designers work with, and of course, all the people who bring colour to their home by themselves – Blue signifies character, courage, and confidence. It is symbol of the power of water and clear sky. It is adamant but also adaptable, as a reliable partner in different colour combinations and a great foundation or accentuation in interior. I would use ‘Blue Harmony’ as an accent on a wall in an office space in order to balance the emotions and have a motivating and productive effect. I would experiment with this colour in a home interior for a space dedicated to culinary feats and for a dining area, again as an accent on a wall and, more audaciously, even in furnishing trends. For Scandinavian interior decoration, this colour fits in with natural wood floor decor, white and pastel colours for furniture and textile items, while in the Mediterranean interior, again we see blue and white as a foundation but with a lot of lemon yellow and fresh green in addition. 

Our Balkan latitudes are a challenge, an individuality, and I would use metallic gold, Burgundy red, graphite dark grey, in order to surprise the interior scene with the inclusion of ‘Blue Harmony’ in a unique combination, which I imagine in a sophisticated bedroom, with accents of shiny white marble on the floor, powder beige walls, ceiling in ‘Blue Harmony’, velvet curtains in burgundy red, furniture in graphite matt grey, bedroom textiles in light grey shades with graphic design in Art Deco style. This is a vision that would emit class and moderate luxury!

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