People of Orgachim

Talented, inquisitive, honest, friendly, willing to learn and upgrade – these are just some of the common features of everyone working at Orgachim. We encourage their self-development; we make them believe in their abilities, to achieve their personal and professional goals, to do their best.

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„Оrgachim is not just an enterprise, but a Company with traditions, values, history and something more. I work in a team of real professionals and colleagues with rich experience, dedicated to the success and prosperity of our Organization. We put not just labour but also our hearts and souls into what we do because the working environment is the one that loads us with positive emotions. Continuous investing in people, recognizing jobs and efforts, diversifying the range of social benefits – these are just a small part of how the Company shows its appreciation to employees and workers in exchange for their commitment and responsible attitude.“
Aneta Mitevska, Financial Controller

„Orgachim, personally for me, is a desirable place to work, with plenty of colourful emotions, sincere people, serious challenges and real conditions for running R&D activities. I have the privilege to be part of a great team of specialists, technologists, engineer laboratory technicians, that develop new products and introduce new technologies by adding value to the Company and ensure our competitive advantages. I say gladly: “We set goals that relate to the high priorities and we are able to exceed them!”

Cheresha Zaharieva, Research and Development Manager

„I have been working at Orgachim since more than 10 years and I keep inspiring myself every day. I feel happy that I chose this Company for my professional development even before my graduation because I see in practice how, with common effort and willingness, we transform any situation arisen from a challenge into an opportunity. I contribute, gradually, to achieving our common goals by structuring the Company’s processes in efficient and optimal ways. Together with my colleagues, we work out the rules and procedures that help us be number 1 on the Bulgarian market.“

Maria Alexandrova, Project Manager

I accepted Orgachim Jsc as a challenge. Now, more than 10 years later, I perceive the company as a school, as a kind of business school. Here I learned to be responsible and disciplined, to understand the needs of the client and to judge the company's capabilities. The strong and united team, the brand recognition on the market, the continuous development of the products of our portfolio, the dynamics and adrenaline in my professional life make my work extremely exciting, interesting and inspiring. In Orgachim Jsc I found friends too!

GALYA IVANOVA, Business Coordinator of the Construction Sector

„We do not just sell varnishes and paints on the market, but we offer complete architectural and building solutions. We take care of providing our customers with a quality service on a daily basis and of looking at Orgachim as a reliable partner and preferred supplier. We have achieved exceptional recognizability of our corporate brand and we are proud of the fact that we shape the leading trends in our industry.“

Nikolay Nikolov, National Sales Manager

„I started working at Orgachim as soon as I graduated from the Professional High School in Chemistry, following my relocation, i.e. more than 40 years ago. The Company became my second family, here I found friends, peers, teachers, who showed me the way in life and profession. I love my job very much because there is nothing more important than the health and safety of people, which is a top priority not just to me but also to the Company’s Management.“

Stanka Petrova, Occupational Health and Safety Technologist

„I am happy to be part of Orgachim’s big family. I am impressed by the dynamic working environment, the atmosphere of mutual aid and support, the circle of competent, knowledgeable and capable colleagues who are always ready to share their good practices and expertise of such scale as the Organization, thus giving me self-esteem and making me confident in negotiating with key players on the market. Orgachim, for me, is not just a job, it's a causa!“

Jordan Prastakov, Key Accounts and Company Stores Manager

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