Organic is the Color of the Year 2019

Color of the year 2019

Orgachim chose the Organic shade of green as a colour of the Year 2019. For the fourth consecutive year, our Company has defined the colour and trend that will influence the preferences in interior design and architecture for the next 12 months. The ceremony took place in the Amphitheatre of “Arena di Serdica” in Sofia and gathered in one place leading interior designers, colorists, architects and experts in the construction industry.

“Organic was imposed because of its universal shade and the fact that when contemplating it for a long time, the psyche calms down bringing balance and harmony”, said the Marketing Manager of Orgachim, Mr. Emil Kunchev. “It is part of the primary colours of nature that gives us the concept of clean environment, healthy food, renewal, wisdom and equilibrium. I am happy that we chose a colour that brings life”, said Emil Kunchev.

From a psychological point of view, the colour Organic marks the function of “sensation” (the function of ‘the actual’). “This is a soft, soothing shade, the white and beige added to the green, gives it a pastel sense and a feeling of purity and transience”, commented Assoc. Prof. Dr. Albena Pavlova, PhD, New Bulgarian University.

“It is precisely this shade of green and, the white contained in it, which adds a variety of nostalgic nuances and expresses the desire to return to the roots and traditions. Green brings freedom and change, but in colour Organic these are mastered to some extent of innocence, tolerant…, thanks to the white”, stressed arch. Emil Mechikian.

Nostalgia for the past already marks different areas of our lives – interior, goods, fashion, art, food.

“This nostalgia has imposed vintage fashion in a natural way –distinctive shapes and pastel colour ranges of those years return in a new context and reading of course”, commented Mrs. Irina Ivanova, Interior Designer, INTRO Design Studio. The interior of the Year 2019, according to her, will be fashionable, eclectic and bohemian. “The emotions that the 2019 Colour provokes will help us have a closer look within ourselves, feel free and find the balance easier”, said firmly Mrs. Irina Ivanova.

“Colour of the Year” is a platform that reflects the Professional guild’s vision on the ability to work with colours. For the 4th consecutive year,  “Orgachim” initiative was held with the assistance of the National Platform for Interior and Product Design “Dibla”. Defining the fashion colour of Bulgaria sets a local trend and assists users in their choice of paints and materials for decoration. This year, the Company’s approach were more unconventional, by sorting the “Colour of 2019” Puzzle of together with its guests and surprising them with an Organic cocktail specifically created for this evening by the bartender, Mr. Ivan Karov.

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