March 1 - A Double Celebration for Orgachim

Baba Marta hurried martenitsa to tie and chocolate to scatter…

Baba Marta, the first day of March is a magical and unique tradition in the folk calendar od Bulgarians. This is one of the most honored and emotional pagan custom, preserved from ancient times to present. While Baba Marta, in the folk, is a kind of personification of the coming spring and traditionally associated with the red and white tasselled strings – as a symbol of health and fertility, in Orgachim’s calendar, the 1st Day of March is the founding date of the Company’s history. Therefore, we had more than one occasion to celebrate.

We decided to celebrate Baba Marta with handmade Martenitsa for both ladies and gentlemen, but also to honor Orgachim’s birthday with “Merci” chocolates. The idea of ​​combining both occasions was to “decorate” all of you with health and well-being and to thank you all for being part of Orgachim’s family – a Company that exists the majestic 117 years.

To this end, Baba Marta’s assistants from the Human Resources Department left early, very early in the morning, in the frosty weather, holding two drums, in their hands, full of Martenitsa and Merci chocolates. They made a tour around all the units, departments, directorates, and companies to scatter chocolates, Martenitsa, joy, and smiles among employees. Why? Because the 1st of March is an occasion for double celebrations at Orgachim.

We celebrated with you both Baba Marta and  the Company’s Birthday – 01.03.1901. On the sunny winter day we offered Martenitsa, we ate chocolates and spread wishes for health, success and a cheerful spring mood. We did not forget about our Romanian colleagues, who also know the custom, but they tie Martenitsa only on the hands of women and young children. Men can only wear Martenitsa somewhere hidden, for example in the shoe or inside the jacket pocket.

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