Back to School -

Back to School

Class up, class quiet! … With a blue backpack first grader to be that is not as simple to accomplish!

Whether we want it or not, whether we wait for it or not, soon or later the 15th Day of September, i.e. First Day of School, comes. Moreover, if for some, it is just another day of the calendar, enclosed by red square, it is is a very special day for all pupils and especially for the first graders. Parents play the main role in making the First Day of School of First Graders really pleasant and fun, and the Company, as a responsible employer, is committed to help the parents, because every new thing in life as the First Day of School is also accompanied by various and exciting emotions that Orgachim wishes to share with the children of its employees.


Therefore … around mid-September, with bunches of flowers in hand and backpacks, Orgachim’s Children stepped the path to science and knowledge with a strident pace. To make their day even more wonderful, we offered to all pupils backpacks – old, young and even younger. We put some notebooks and a great pencil cup full of everything they needed for the entire school year.


We sincerely appreciate the great feedback we received from you. Once the school backpacks were successfully handed over, the “Back to schoolphoto contest followed, as the final stage of “Back to School” Project, aiming to memorize the moments of sincere joy, laughter, trembling and excitement on the First Day of School for the Children of the Company. This initiative aimed at stimulating your creativity, combinatorics and observability from what happened on the 17th Day of September 2018, at home or at school.


We have published all amateur and/or semi-professional photos, home selfies, classrooms, schoolyards, lounges or corridors on the Company’s website, as the only mandatory condition was to capture the kids emotions on the First Day of School and to see Orgachim’s “Back to school” backpacks on the photo.

The competition ended in mid-October. We would like to thank you all for your participation and intense ‘likes’, the remarkable creativity and the incredible footage that will remind us of the beginning of the school year.


One of the photos gathered the approval of nearly 400 people (373 ‘likes’) and ranked third place with merits. This photo was shared by Mrs. Rositsa Miteva, Trade Representative in Burgas, who memorized her son’s, Nikolay, First Day of School. Little Nicky gets a Voucher of BGN 50.00 for the Ciela Bookstore.


The daughter of Mrs. Aneta Mitevska, Financial Controller at Orgachim, ranked second place. Cheerful and radiant Deya in front of the school fence captivated 669 Facebook-users who gave their ‘Likes’ to support the photo. Deya will enjoy half a year of free subscription to the video tutorial website “I Learn.”

With its impressive 1206 votes, Nikolay Krastev, Sales Representative from Burgas was ranked first place. The mysterious smile of his son, Kristiyan, brought him a one-year subscription for the video tutorial website “I Learn.”

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