How to Remove Rust from Metal Surfaces

What is rust?

Rust is a corrosive product that is formed by the oxidation of iron or steel with oxygen in the presence of water or atmospheric moisture. Porous structure of rust, unlike the oxidized layer of other metals such as chromium, aluminum or zinc, does not protect the iron from further destruction.

Rust removal

This is a laborious and hard work. The following methods of removal can be used: a manual method, a machine method, a treatment with rust converters.

  • Manual method

In manual removal, sandblasters, wire brushes or special wire bells mounted on drills are used -extremely labor-intensive method. It is not always possible to remove rust in depth because rust penetrates deeply into the metal and not uniformly. After such treatment, for final removal of rust, rust-converting solutions can be used, that penetrate deeply into the rust surface and convert rust. Thus converted rust should be removed manually, the surface should be protected with anticorrosive primer and decorative finishing. Before applying a primer, the surface should be always cleaned of greasy stains and dust with solvents or degreasers.

  • Machine method

Machine method is the best way to completely remove the rust. Special technique is applied using a sand, thrown under pressure and taking off part of the metal surface. Once rust has been completely removed, it is necessary to apply an anti-corrosion primer. Otherwise, a thin layer of rust will again be formed from the moisture in the air.

  • Treatment with rust converters

Treaing the rusty surface is a good method, which is also used due to the fact that the solutions are very rarely viscous, penetrate into depth and convert the rust.

You should know, that thus converted rust has to be removed after 3-4 hours, and if there is still rust that is not converted, to repeat the treatment until complete removal. Any moisture reduces the power of the rust converter and the surface becomes white. Therefore, treated surface should not be left in wet weather and outdoors for a long time.

  • The best way to protect metals is to protect the surface layer in contact with the atmosphere. This can be achieved by using a coating system or by using Protecta only.

    Protecta offers various corrosion protection products suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

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