How Silver-Ion Paints Protect our House from Moulds

Formation of molds:

  • Poor building renovation
  • Poor joinery
  • Poor circulation and fresh air flow in the room

As a result of all this, mold-related problems arise at home. Very often, spores of molds are transferred to affected areas and they become contaminated. Contaminated areas on walls and ceilings are characterized by their dark molds outlining and, in addition to the poor aspect, these are also a potential threat to the health of inhabitants.

Fighting molds:

Fighting these molds is a difficult and slow process associated with persistent intervention with costly preparations for their removal.

Silver water destroys over 650 species of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, hundreds of diseases, infections, inflammations, it helps with post-operative recovery. Today, we can choose between different products containing silver ions – from creams and toothpastes, to cushions and sleeping mattresses.

Silver Ions effect and surface treatment:

Orgachim AD has developed and successfully sells “Leko paint with silver ions”. The use of this paint aims at preventing the formation of microorganisms on treated surfaces. The effect of silver ions and other biocides contained is permanent and, the surface is durably protected after applying 2-3 layers of this paint. However, this concerns new surfaces that are not contaminated.

Contaminated surfaces should be  first treated with microorganism removers, several times, for a minimum of 30 minutes. Orgachim AD has developed such a product – “Leko anti-mold with silver ions”. Then, an antibacterial paint can be applied. This is the only way to ensure its effect.

Leko paint with silver ions:

It has been registered as a biocidal product and has been proven to be harmless when in rooms treated with it, people reside.  Due to the effectiveness it possesses as an antibacterial product, the paint also has an Opinion of the Ministry of Health for use in rooms with high surface hygiene requirements, namely hospitals, children’s homes, old people’s homes, and wherever permanent disinfection is required.

It is successfully applied in humid rooms where there is a possibility of microorganism formation – bathrooms, kitchens, etc.. The paint has a wear-resistant Class 2, which allows for repeated cleaning without seriously damaging the film thickness. In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, the paint has excellent coating power and fine texture, making it extremely suitable for special rooms as well as for painting any premises at home and public buildings. The low cost per unit area makes it a preferred product for use by craftsmen and construction companies.

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