Fresh Facades for a Longer Time with DEKO professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster

WHY should we use DEKO Professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster?

DEKO professional® Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster is used as a finishing of the certified Thermal Insulation System DEKOTHERM® , for new surfaces or for the reconstruction of old buildings. This plaster is manufactured with different structures – D 1.5 mm scratched and B 2 mm dragged and can be tinted in 127 DEKO Professional colours.

Due to the precisely selected components the plaster possesses the following properties:

Unique self-cleaning effect; resistance to aging; easy application and structuring; excellent adhesion to substrate; high vapor permeability; low water absorption; excellent resistance to mechanical impacts; excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions; high UV resistance; forming a protective coating resistant to fungi, mould and bacteria; good elasticity; resistance to washing.

The properties of polyurethane, as an additive in DEKO Professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster, are characterized by high wear and impact resistance, excellent amortization, thermo-physical and elastic properties, elasticity;  preventing the formation of micro cracks; ability to greatly reduce lightness of colours, preserving them over time, greatly weakens the influence of heat cycle, preserving the coating microstructure for a longer period of time.

Nano dispersion

The reason for using nano-dispersion in the manufacturing of DEKO Professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster is the deeper penetration of nanoparticles. Thus, a more durable surface coating is obtained, as the large amount of fine nano-sized pores ensure excellent air and vapour permeability, at the same time, they do not allow the penetration of water and protect it from erosion and cracking during frost. All this is combined with high water absorption and the effect of “photocatalysis”, through which it is achieved both self-cleaning of the façade and preventing the formation of mold. In this way, it remains more stable over time, preserving its fresh look.


Fibers in DEKO Professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster are a valuable fibroarming product that prevents cracking and gives long-term sustainability of the facades. The fibres that are embedded in the plaster act as reinforcement that provides increased strength  properties – durability and resistance to extreme mechanical stresses. The fibresр contained in the DEKO professional® brand plasterр reduce the formation of micro cracks and thanks to them the plastic deformations are minimized. Thus, a constructive material with guaranteed high qualities is obtained.

All these components, properly selected and precisely dosed, result in a high-quality finishing product suitable for both large residential buildings as well as for smaller single-family houses.

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