Flooring Systems for Underground Parking Lots and Garages

DEKO floor high-grade brand products is intended for use by both construction companies and end-users.

DEKO floor provides a wide range of flooring products made of synthetic resins.

Products with a thinner or thicker layer are intended for protection and finishing of industrial and decorative flooring that withstand light, medium and heavy duty operating conditions.

Resins-based (epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic) flooring are used more and more often and also required as their specific properties are essential with a view to the increasing requirements for the installation and utilization of flooring coatings.

Epoxy coatings are modern alternative for protection and decoration of flooring coatings. Using them to finish the system is recommended when the surface needs to have a chemical resistance, to be easily cleaned and sanitized and resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion.

This type of product offers extremely wide range of application. DEKO floor has a number of solutions for example for underground parking lots and garages.

Flooring coatings of underground parking lots and garages should meet the following principal requirements: wear resistance, practicalness in cleaning, high weather, cold and moisture resistance. The flooring and floor structure are constantly subjected to different climatic conditions, such as salt used against winter icing, aggressive mud, motor oils, etc.

DEKO floor brand solutions meet all the requirements of flooring systems for underground parking lots and garages. These products are easy to apply, cost-effective, RAL colours, highly wear-resistant, having an option to achieve anti-slip effects. As a result, an excellent surface, extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain is achieved.

DEKO floor provides the floor with both protection and decorative finishing, which also plays the role of waterproofing.

DEKO floor brand offers a complete system of flooring coatings with specific properties for all needs and requirements.

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