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A brilliant assemblage of experts attended the choice of the Colour of the Year 2022

The Campaign to choose the “Colour of the Year 2022” gathered a brilliant assemblage of experts. This is a platform that will define the trend colour in interior and architecture, bringing together professionals from different domains related to home design and urban environment and will help the consumers in their choice of colours and materials for decoration. This is an “Orgachim” initiative launched and held for 7th Consecutive Year aimed at directing the professional guild’s attention towards the possibilities of working with colours.

“This Campaign is even more special for us, as the Company “Orgachim” is celebrating its 120th Anniversary. WE CELEBRATE THE COLOURS that we create for people”, said Mr. Emil Kunchev – Marketing Manager of the Company. As an integral part of every celebration, an even more colourful and non-standard workshop had been prepared by the Team of the Bulgarian paint manufacturer in order to choose the colour that should dictate the fashion trends in the interior and decoration over the next 12 months.

Top interior designers and architects of the design studios Designitsa and ATG Design, Mr. Ilian Milinov – the winner of the design competition for industrial and product design 4 RED DOT Design Award, vision creators of flooring for KAI Group and Kronospan Bulgaria, as well as many colourists, graphic designers, developers and marketing specialists of manufacturers of home decoration products and materials attended the event.

After spending several hours on discussing, the working groups identified those combinations of colours, textures and keywords that reflected their perception of the upcoming design trends at a global level. For the first time this year, mood boards of different materials – textiles, fabrics, stone, wood, ceramics, coloured sheets and photo images were made on 3D rooms, which intertwined ideas about the leading trend in 2022.

“We are celebrating the return of taste for life, despite the months of difficulties and restrictions across the world”, said Mr. Emil Kunchev, adding that “The “Colour of the Year” is an initiative launched by “Orgachim” and already becoming a local trend that brings global fashion to interiors, to home designs.”

The following have been chosen as the “Orgachim” Colour of the Year: “Neptune” (2016), “Thracian Gold” (2017), “Velvet Rose” (2018), “Organic” Shade of green (2019), “Blue Harmony” (2020) and “BéjàVu” (2021).

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