DEKOTHERM Thermal Insulation System – Cosiness and Comfort, Secure Protection and Efficiency

Have you decided to get your home thermally insulated?

The portfolio of DEKO Professional includes the first Thermal Insulation System “DEKOTHERM” certified in Bulgaria in compliance with BDS EN 13499:2004, BDS EN 13500:2004 and ETAG 004.

This Thermal Insulation System is made available in different options of the four main types: DEKOTHERM Standart 5, DEKOTHERM Standart 10, DEKOTHERM MAX and the most recent one – DEKOTHERM MAX 15, where the final coating is DEKO Professional Polyurethane Nano Fiber Plaster – which is namely the main reason for the self-cleaning effect of facades.

The types of “Standart” use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) as thermal insulation material and the types of “MAX” use a Mineral Wool (MW). In addition, we recommend the plinth insulation of buildings, based on the heat-insulating material – Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) applicable to all options of each type of Thermal Insulation System “DEKOTHERM”.

The wide range of thermal insulating options and various finishing /façade paint and five types of plasters/ aims at satisfying  the customer’s requirements in terms of price, quality and warranty of the built system.

Advantages of the external thermal insulation system


  • Controlling the rooms temperature during winter and summer;
  • Reducing significantly heating or cooling costs;
  • Healthy and comfortable lifestyle as a result of the pleasant and uniform indoor climate;
  • Absence of thermal bridges, as the thermal insulation covers the whole structure;
  • Using adequately the walls accumulation potential;
  • In case of external insulation, the freezing point remains outside the wall without disturbing the building components as a result of temperature changes;
  • preserving the interior space of insulated premises;
  • Renovating the facade and building appearance.


Specially selected products are so combined that no repairs to be planned for a long time afterwards.

“Orgachim” AD issues a quality guarantee for up to 15 years subject to compliance with all stages in performing the thermal insulation system. The customer can rely on the expert opinion of our professionals at all stages.

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