DEKO professional Single-Layer Interior Paint

DEKO professional Single-layer interior paint is a well homogenized suspension of finely dispersed pigments, fillers, water-soluble binder and specific additives.

Designed for interior painting of walls and ceilings in rooms with extremely high coatings requirements, the paint has high coating power, resistance to wet friction and satin-finish.

Main  product characteristics:

  • Extremely high coating power at low thickness of dry coating – allowing a new single-layer coating;
  • High performance at work;
  • Satin-finish;
  • Micro porous coating ensures “breathing” of walls ;
  • High whiteness and good resistance to aging and yellowing;
  • Minor change in coating power after drying;
  • Fast dry, low odor;
  • Good application behavior – good pouring allowing the wet coat to level. No splashes on application. Good layering;
  • Good storage behavior – does not form precipitate sediment, viscosity does not change over time.


This is the right solution for interior painting of public buildings, offices, hotels and shopping centres where there is typically  heavy traffic of people, as well as for permanently occupied premises, corridors and common areas in residential buildings and premises therein, which put to a test the coating durability and the keeping of clean wall surface.

It has characteristics such as: high coating power (Class 1 according to BDS EN 13300), as well as good wear resistance and resistance to wet abrasion.

Single-layer interior paint is resistant to aging and yellowing. It is also characterized by its extremely easy maintenance and cleaning, which makes it durable in time and saves the permanent refreshment of premises to consumers.

Product application is extremely easy because when diluted in a 2:1 ratio with water it might be used as a primer, then, by applying a layer of undiluted paint, the full coating is achieved.

For lovers of traditional colour, DEKO professional Single-layer interior paint is produced in white and for fans of warm pastel colours it can be tinted in Hamelekon Tinting Systems by Orgachim AD.

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