Corrosion Protection

Corrosion causes significant damages to tangible assets, which are not limited only to material losses, but in many cases to life-threatening incidents, destruction of buildings, infrastructure and facilities. On an annual scale, the losses caused by corrosion amount to 3 to 4% of the Gross Domestic Product of the economies in developed countries, and reach 7-8% in the less developed and developing economies. Annually, financial losses reach 3.300 billion worldwide based on the estimates of leading corrosion institutes.

One of the most common anti-corrosion methods is protection by applying organic coatings in liquid form, using specialized equipment or conventional tools. Depending on the operating environment, different chemical primers, intermediate and finishing coatings are applied in single to multi-layer systems.  The dry film thickness is essential for the durability of the system used. In the case of an aggressive environment, high levels of moisture and contamination, the nominal dry coating thickness reaches 300 microns and more.

In order to achieve the required level of corrosion protection in consideration of the environment and climate in which they are used, the coating systems are subjected to various tests and trials – exposure to salt mist, immersion in sodium chloride solution, resistance to UV rays and abrasion, resistance to solutions of varying concentrations.

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