Perfect Colour Combinations with ‘Blue Harmony’

Opinion and recommendation by Mrs. Miglena Stumbova, a founder and owner of “Studio ShkafA – Interior Concepts” ‘Blue Harmony’ is an exciting name and an excellent choice of Colour of the Year for 2020 from the Orgachim’ colour palette. After Neptune, Thracian Gold, Velvet Rose and Organic – which are the perfect choice of balanced […]

Symbolism of ‘Blue Harmony’

Shades of the blue colour and symbolism of ‘Blue Harmony’ – the Colour of the Year    Blue is an astonishing colour. It is one of the three main pigments (red, yellow, blue) that, when mixed, can form almost all other colours. Isaac Newton included it in the seven colours that he used for the […]

Blue Harmony is the Colour of the Year 2020 “Blue Harmony” being one of the most beautiful shades of blue was chosen as a “Colour of the Year” for 2020. In Bulgaria, over the next 12 months, this will be the colour to determine the trends and preferences in interior design and architecture. The initiative of Orgachim “Colour of the Year” to choose […]

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