Blue Harmony is the Colour of the Year 2020

“Blue Harmony” being one of the most beautiful shades of blue was chosen as a “Colour of the Year” for 2020. In Bulgaria, over the next 12 months, this will be the colour to determine the trends and preferences in interior design and architecture.

The initiative of Orgachim “Colour of the Year” to choose an up-to-date trend in Bulgaria is held for the 5th time and reflects the professional guild’s view about the possibilities of working with colours. Its purpose is to set a local trend to help consumers in choosing paints and decoration materials.

Traditionally, leading interior designers, colourists, bloggers, and artists in contemporary urban art participate in this initiative. In this year, Orgachim expanded the concept of the “Colour of the Year” and invited new partners and participants – designers and manufacturers of parquet, tiles, flooring, who complemented the palette of professional communities involved in the design process of homes, public buildings and outdoor areas. “There are people who create and think in colours in a variety of professional fields – they point out the philosophy of urban environment, of clothing and personal space, of pleasure and leisure. They have all committed to the Campaign with their point of view, with their energy and inspiration, together to help people in their choice of colours and vision for the spaces around them”, said Mr. Emil Kunchev – Marketing Manager of Orgachim.

According to the opinion of the experts who participated in the workshop, the trends for the next year will be associated with inspiration, calmness, and sincerity in communication, but also with self-esteem, confidence, and concentration. At the same time, this will bring us both vitality and balance, as the colour that personifies them is the “Blue Harmony”. This is not an accidental choice. In many studies in Europe and the United States, the Blue colour is most often associated with harmony, fidelity, distance, infinity, imagination, but also with intelligence, knowledge, calmness and focus. “Blue signifies character, courage, and confidence. It is adamant but also adaptable, as a reliable partner in different colour combinations”, said Mrs. Miglena Stumbova, Interior Designer at Studio ShkafA – Interior Concepts. According to her words, “Blue Harmony” blends very well with other colours such as saffron, egg shell, oak, brass, brick, marsala.

The home transformation options, which this colour reveals in a variety of combinations, are a breeding ground for both professionals and amateurs. Although, imagination can go in many different directions, it will always come back to the stability of the Blue and the perception of harmonic basis, balanced by freedom and air. This is the Spirit of the Year 2020 – an inspiration that will fill the space in and around us.

Partners of Orgachim in choosing the “Colour of the Year” for 2020: ‘Studio ShkafA – Interior Concepts’, ‘Voood Interior Studio’, ‘PD Studio’ and ‘ATG Design’, ‘KAI Group’, ‘Kronospan’, ‘Visionary – Visual Arts in Urban Environment’.

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