Are You Suitable for Orgachim?

It happened that you painted your room and you liked it, then you decided to paint another room, then the corridor, and the children room… Do you think about every night which are the best colors for the bedroom or which shades would fit the living room?
Do you imagine the house of your dreams? With pure white or colored walls? Pastel or deep colors? What about the car? Do you like mat or gloss colors?
If you have been thinking about all this, not just once, if you like quality products, if you want to work in a team and to share your thoughts, ideas and achievements with others, then contact us! Join ORGACHIM because this is the perfect place for you!

HR in Action

We walked the exciting and dynamic path from being the first paint and varnish factory in Ruse to becoming the leader in paints and varnishes on the market in Bulgaria, with the most popular paint brand and the most extensive product portfolio on the background of the efforts, the persistence, and the will of our employees for success. That is why, with appreciation and care, together we keep walking towards a better colorful future!

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