5 Reasons to Choose a Satin-Finish Paint

The choice of the type of coating is strictly individual and should correspond to the style and purpose of the room – what is the traffic, what is the wall substrate and how frequently this should be cleaned.

If you doubt which type of paint you should choose, we will give you 5 reasons to choose a satin-finish:

EASY TO CLEAN – Satin-finish allows easy cleaning with dish sponge or absorbent towels.

FREQUENT WASHING – allows to be washed at least twice a year as the coating forms a layer on the wall.

HIGH RESISTANCE TO WET ABRASION – allows walls to be cleaned directly with water

NO STAINS COULD PENETRATE IN DEPTH – satin-finish coat is thick and does not allow any stains on walls to penetrate in depth.

SOFT SILKY GLITTER – for the most sophisticated preference, satin-finish coatings emit silky glitter, making the wall extremely smooth.

So, what did our tests reveal with Spirit Impeccable White Satin Paint?

We have laboratory tested how would a satin-finish coating behave with a view to the penetration of stains in depth. We used aggressive pollutants such as coffee and wine and compared the efforts made to completely remove the stains as well as the depth to which they penetrate in comparison with the matt-finish interior paint of a leading brand on the market. It turned out that Spirit Impeccable White Satin needed 4 times less effort and stains penetrated 10 times less in depth.

Easy to maintain and clean, Spirit Impeccable White Satin is particularly suitable for high traffic rooms: children’s rooms, dining rooms, corridors etc..

With ‘Spirit Impeccable White Satin’ the WALLS ARE PREPARED FOR SURPRISES!


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